The Annual JUNE JAM

The first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions the annual JUNE JAM is "Delaware’s Best Outdoor Concert!" And why not? Over the past several years headliners have included national acts the likes of “Kansas”, “Moly Hatchet”, ” 38 Special”, ” Cheap Trick”, “Dave Mason”, and “The Fabulous Thunderbirds” . Combine the national acts with the best of the East Coast’s touring bands, a spotlight for favorite local musicians, fun and games for children, vendors to satisfy almost any need and a shady spot under a tree to enjoy the day for 1200-plus members and their guests, and you have it JUNE JAM… "Delaware’s Best Outdoor Concert!"


However, take a closer look and you will spot a charity booth and numerous staffers hawking raffle tickets for prizes to be awarded later in the evening. Once spotted, it is only then that you’ll begin to understand the pure meaning of why 100 plus volunteers donate hundreds of hours of their time to provide a fun day in the sun for their friends and neighbors throughout the Mid-Atlantic.

History of JUNE JAM

The annual JUNE JAM was born from a tragedy. In 1978, three friends were working on a roof in Magnolia when they were accidentally electrocuted. Randy Miller and Stanley Painter were severely burned and their coworker, Richard Vogl, was killed. None of the men had health insurance to pay their extended hospital stays and, deprived of income, their families were in trouble. Fellow workers and former classmates Bob Hartley, John Tazelaar, Wayne Buckworth, Emily Phillips, Glenn Courtney, Charles Angstadt, and the late Mark Kelly decided to turn the Caesar Rodney Class of 73’s fifth year reunion into a benefit for the three families. Local bands were asked to donate their time and talent, tee-shirts were printed for sale, and June of that year the event was held at the Camden-Wyoming Fire Hall. In June 1979, the first JUNE JAM was born.

From the modest beginning, the event has grown to the point where thousands have been raised for over dozens needy individuals along with several deserving charitable organizations – all helping people in our local area.

So while you’re wandering the grounds this year taking in the sun and the area’s best music, take time out to visit our Charity Booth and take a chance of winning a prize. Raffle tickets can be purchased at the Charity Booth or from one of the staff members walking the grounds. Know that the small amount of money you’ll spend for one or all of these activities will go to help a good cause right here in our local area.

Thanks for your help and have a wonderful time at this year’s JUNE JAM.
Other benefit events sponsored by JUNE JAM.

  • “The Haunted Trail” at Brecknock Park
  • JUNE JAM and Operation Santa Claus

See the bands that have performed at JUNE JAM Events, click here

Our Board Members

Bob H.President

Lynn F.Vice President

Committee Heads

Jay B.Committee Chairperson, Camping Committee, Web Site CommitteeDebbie C.Committee Chairperson, Communications
Lynn C.Committee Chairperson, T-shirt CommitteeGreg E.Committee Chairperson, Staff Hospitality
Joan E.Committee Chairperson, Junior JammersToby F.Committee Chairperson, General Security
Matt M.Committee Chairperson, Gate CommitteeBrian M.Committee Chairperson, ?
John M.Committee Chairperson, Stage CrewLynne M.Committee Chairperson, Decorating Committee
Karen S.Committee Chairperson, Camping CommitteeGeorge S.Committee Chairperson, Stage Crew
Dennis S.Committee Chairperson, Security - Back StageGary S.Committee Chairperson, Parking Committee
Kelli W.Committee Chairperson, Charity CommitteeMary W.Committee Chairperson, Games Committee


A.J. A.Dee A.Donald A.Samantha A.Dave B.
Chris B.Stephanie C.Heather C.Norman C.James C.
Shelby C.Bob C.Mary C.Mike C.Tracey D.
Shelly D.Lester D.Phil D.Caimmin E.Charles E.
Rory E.Joshua E.Jason G.David G.Thomas H.
Katherine H.Donny H.Jessica H.Jonny J.Guy J.
Charles K.Chris K.Chris L.Julia M.Joe M.
Tarah M.Daniele M.Christopher M.Chrystie M.John M.
Judi M.Donna M.Brian P.Wanda R.Amber R.
Cody R.Janice R.Victoria R.David S.Amanda S.
Holly S.Robert T.Erica T.Ricky T.Megan W.
David W.Colleen W.Valerie W.

Junior Jammers

April B.Blake B.Mia B.
Carley D.Hailey D.Nyia L.
Tala M.

Our Organization

In order for JUNE JAM to operate as efficiently as it does, there are several committees defined within JUNE JAM that handle different aspects of making JUNE JAM events happen.

AdministrativeHandles the behind-the-scene administrative tasks for JUNE JAM.
Band HospitalityMakes sure the bands have everything they need for their performances.
Board Of DirectorsThis group oversee all JUNE JAM operations and is made up of only Committee Heads.
Committee Chair(s) Bob H.
Booklet CommitteeTo produce the booklet everyone receives every year, this committee spends hours organizing articles, photos, and advertisements to make the booklet you receive.
Camping CommitteeAssign sites, check-in campers, and monitor camping areas to make sure everyone is safe. Committee activity begins Friday at check-in and ends on Sunday at check-out time.
Committee Chair(s) Jay B., Karen S.
Charity CommitteeHelps raise funds for the beneficiaries through 50/50 raffles, and auctions. Organizes and operates the Charity Booth JUNE JAM day.
Committee Chair(s) Kelli W.
CommunicationsHandles radio distribution and accountability
Committee Chair(s) Debbie C.
Decorating CommitteeThe decorating committee is to make the June Jam more festive and to promote our sponsors ,bands, and beneficiaries. We hang lights , and informational signage to make navigating the June Jam easier and informative. We need help on Friday afternoon and early evening hanging lights and banners. We also need people on Saturday morning to hang butt cans and setting out flags and signage.
Committee Chair(s) Lynne M.
Electrical CommitteeThis committee makes sure the lights are on and enough power is getting to the stage areas.
Committee Chair(s) Bob C.
EntertainmentScouts out the bands selected for JUNE JAM.
Event PrepGet the area for a June Jam Event ready.
Games CommitteeThis committee organizes and operates the games for adults and children at the main JUNE JAM event.
Committee Chair(s) Mary W.
Gate CommitteeCheck and sell tickets at June Jam Events
Committee Chair(s) Matt M.
General SecurityProvides general security for the Jam to help keep everything running smoothly and in an orderly fashion.
Committee Chair(s) Toby F.
Junior JammersStaff members not yet able to drive themselves to meetings
Committee Chair(s) Joan E.
Mailing CommitteeIn charge of getting supplies and forms ready for the annual form mailout.
MedicalThe members on this committee provide emergency medial attention if/when it is necessary.
Parking CommitteeDirect visitors to the parking areas.
Committee Chair(s) Gary S.
Public Relations CommitteeOversees radio advertising and news paper interviews.
Committee Chair(s) Lynn F.
Security - Back StageProvides security for the backstage areas.
Committee Chair(s) Dennis S.
Staff HospitalityTakes care of the staff during JUNE JAM day
Committee Chair(s) Greg E.
Staff Photography CommitteeThis committee roams JUNE JAM events and takes pictures. Many of these pictures wind up on the website or in the yearly booklet.
Stage CrewResponsible for stage setup/tear down and moving bands on and off the stage.
Committee Chair(s) John M., George S.
T-shirt CommitteeOrganizes and sells JUNE JAM t-shirts/memorabillia.
Committee Chair(s) Lynn C.
Ticket CommitteeThis committee handles ordering tickets from our printer and distributing the tickets to the membership.
Vendors CommitteeOrganizes vendors wishing to setup a stand at the JUNE JAM event.
Committee Chair(s) Katherine H.
Web Site CommitteeManage and maintain the website.
Committee Chair(s) Jay B.

Want to Volunteer?

JUNE JAM is made up entirely of volunteers. We all work toward the same goal; helping others out.

For more details, just ask a staff member.

Staff FAQ

How do I join the staff?

Our staff is entirely made up of volunteers from all walks of life. Everyone is welcome.
  • Staff is expected to attend at least three (3) meetings before JUNE JAM day.
  • Staff members are expected to sign up for two committees and show up for the committee at the scheduled times. (Schedules are set by the committee heads.)

If you have questions, please feel free to ask.

When and where are the staff meetings?

Meetings are always held on Wednesday evenings at 7pm.
During the winter months, they are often held at the Mainstay Suites (Bay Rd, Dover, DE).
Once April arrives, meetings start being held at HeadQuarters (corner of Olin Dill Rd and Alt-13, south of Woodside.)
See the calendar for exact dates.

Our Beneficiaries