JUNE JAM Ticket Window

Our ticket purchasing process is pretty straight forward. You must complete the whole process before any requested tickets are mailed out to you.

  1. Select the type of ticket below.
  2. For Gold Member tickets, enter your email address at the prompt provided. It will search our database and bring any information found to the ticket purchasing form. If the email address can not be found in the database, the ticket system will route you to the GREEN member ticket purchasing mechanisms.
  3. Fill out the ticket form when it is displayed.
  4. A confirmation page will appear with a PAYPAL button at the bottom. Press the PAYPAL button to go to PayPal to complete the transaction.
  5. Once at PayPal, enter your user ID and password and follow the prompts to pay for your entered tickets.
  6. When PayPal confirms payment, there is a link to return to our site. Please select it as it notifies our site of the completed transaction. If you do not return to our site, we will not be informed of the transaction.

A PayPal account is required to purchase tickets.

40th Annual June Jam
Saturday 06/09/18 11:00 am
G&R Campground, 4075 Gun & Rod Club Road, Houston, DE 19954
  • Jack of Diamonds
  • Hyde Park
  • Furious George
  • lower case blues
  • Kategory 5
  • Shades of August
Tickets available on
02-01-18 12:00 am

If your email address ends with one of the following, you may not be able to receive emails from JUNEJAM.COM:

  • aol.com
  • yahoo.com

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Tickets FAQ

How can I purchase tickets?

You have a few options available to you on how your purchase tickets to a JUNE JAM event.
  • Online - Through our website, you can purchase your tickets and pay with your PayPal account
  • In-Person - You can go to one of our ticket locations and purchase tickets in person.
  • Via Form - If you are in our database, you will receive a ticket form in the mail or via email.

I have my tickets, where’s my campsite?

A campsite is not included with your ticket purchase. You have to have tickets to camp, but you do not have a campsite just because you have tickets. Camping is additional. See the main camping page to read how to reserve a campsite

What is the difference between Green Members and Gold Members?

Green members are purchasing tickets and attending June Jam for the first time.
Gold members have purchased tickets and attended June Jam in the past.

When do I become a Gold member?

The first year you purchase tickets to June jam you will be a Green member. Every year after that, you will be a Gold member. We upgrade all of our Green members to Gold in July/August.

Why do I have to use PayPal?

We use PayPal to handle the payment side of online sales. This keeps your banking information secure and adds another layer of protection for your banking information.
In reality, you don't have to use Paypal. You can download the correct form and send a check.