Thank you for your interest in camping at JUNE JAM.

Camping at JUNE JAM brings a new piece of the overall JUNE JAM Experience. As many that have camped will agree, it is a great way to spend a weekend with friends and family in a relaxed atmosphere.

Yes, there is a lot of information presented here. The information is critical and can answer 99% of your questions. Please take the time to read through it.

The Process

There are two ways to purchase camping reservations; Online and Mailed-in forms.

  • Mailed-In Forms
    • Purchase your tickets for JUNE JAM. On the ticket form, there is a box to indicate you are interested in camping. Be sure to mark it and return your ticket form with your payment. You must be a member of JUNE JAM and have tickets.
    • When your tickets are sent to you, a camping form will be included.
    • Fill out the form completely and return it to JUNE JAM. We need the following information to make sure you get a site that suits your needs:
      • Your Name
      • Phone number
      • Email address (we send confirmations to this address and will use it to contact you if we have questions.)
      • What are you using to camp? A RV, tent, your van? About how long is it?
      • Do you want to camp next to someone specific?
      • Do you want RV sewer hook ups?
    • Do not send the forms to the campground. The JUNE JAM Camping Committee handles camping arrangements for the weekend of JUNE JAM.
    • When your form is received, it is entered into our database. After entry, a confirmation email is sent to the email address listed on the camping form.
  • Online
    • You must purchase tickets first. The online application checks the database for a ticket order. If one is not present, the application will stop. (Be sure you use the same email address as used for the tickets.)
    • Fill out the form completely and follow the process completely through PAYPAL and back to our site. If you do not return to our site from PAYPAL, your reservation will not be honored.
    • We need the following information to make sure you get a site that suits your needs:
      • Your Name
      • Phone number
      • Email address (we send confirmations to this address and will use it to contact you if we have questions.)
      • What are you using to camp? A RV, tent, your van? About how long is it?
      • Do you want to camp next to someone specific?
      • Do you want RV sewer hook ups?
    • When completed through PAYPAL, you will receive a confirmation from our site and a receipt from PAYPAL.
    • The Camping Committee will be notified of your camping reservation and transfer the information to the main camping database. Once a site has been assigned, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about your site, your guests, and camping group if available.
  • Per campground rules: 4 people per site; 2 tents or 1 RV.
  • Purchasing tickets does not mean you automatically get a campsite. The two are independent of each other, except you must have tickets to camp.

Camping Fee Schedule

  • Site fees: $80.00(Friday and Saturday nights).
  • Electric Hookup: Camping Fee includes electric hookup. (Electrical connections are not physically on all PRIMITIVE sites.)
  • Sewer Hookup Fee: $15.00
  • One-Time-Fee: $20.00 if you have never had a campsite registered in YOUR name.

Check-In Day

  • Check-in is from noon to 10pm on 6/8/2018. Per campground rules, we can not start checking anyone in the campground until noon. If you arrive before check-in starts, you must not block the roadways through the campground.
  • Make sure you have your tickets with you. Forgetting these just ruins your day and ours. You must have the tickets with you. No exceptions!
  • There are no camping check-ins done on the day of JUNE JAM. The road through the campground is closed to thru-traffic for safety.
  • Quiet time is 11pm. This is strictly enforced as this is a rule of the campground and we have many people that want to get a good nights rest for the big day.
  • Rules for Saturday:
    • Camping equipment can only be brought in on check-in day and setup. No camping equipment (RV/Trailers/Etc) can be brought into the camping areas on Saturday.
    • People can arrive Friday or Saturday.
    • If they arrive on Saturday, vehicles will have to be left in the main parking areas until after the music is done.
    • Anyone arriving on Saturday will have to locate someone from the Camping Committee to get checked in. (Usually, one of us has the golf cart with the dump bed and brush guard.)

Important Dates

  • Camping opens at the same time tickets go on sale.
  • Check-in day is 6/8/2018 from noon to 10pm.
  • Check-out day is 6/10/2018 (by noon).
  • Camping forms must be received before 6/1/2018.
  • Cancellations must be requested by 6/4/2018. This gives us a chance to go down our waiting list and find someone to take your vacated site.

Camp Site Assignments

  • To avoid confusion about campsite assignments, we do not give out the site numbers until check-in. Let us repeat that line: No site numbers are given out until the day of check-in. The problems this causes can be enormous. Camp site assignments may change for the following reasons:
    • The campsites are shuffled to keep groups together.
    • The campground often has sites designated as permanent/seasonal that are not available to JUNE JAM.
    • Site preferences are taken into consideration but cannot always be done because of the above two situations.
  • Please do not request a particular campsite. We have sites that are not available to us. A site you may have had in the past is not always available to us year to year. The campground uses different sites for seasonal customers. We don’t know about these unavailable sites until a few days before JUNE JAM. The other side of this issue is the services available on a site. If you request a site that has sewer and do not use/pay for it, we will use the site for a camper that needs/pays for the service connections. We try to accommodate particular site requests when we can, but there are situations that arise that create issues where we cannot accommodate your requests. If you request a particular campsite and are late getting a form to us, chances are real good that we will not be able to give you the desired site.

General Rules

  • Quiet time is 11pm.
  • Campsites must be left clean. All camp sites are clean when you arrive and should be the same when you leave.
  • No trash (include glass!) in the fire rings or left around the site. All trash must be neatly bagged up and placed next to the roadway for pickup.
  • The picnic table must be clean. (No table cloths or trash.)
  • Camp fires must be attended at all times.
  • Golf carts, ATVs, mini-bikes, and other similar items are not permitted. The golf carts already on property are June Jam property and for the exclusive use by June Jam staff for June Jam business.
  • Please do not bring your pets. You will be asked to take it home. Campground owner does not permit pets without special permission.
  • No fireworks or fire arms permitted on campground property. (Use of fireworks and/or firearms will cause you to be removed from the campground and be banned from camping with JUNE JAM in the future. This rule is strictly enforced.)
  • JUNE JAM reserves the right to refuse camping privileges.

Other Important Information

  • One camping form = one camp site. If you want two sites, we must have a form for each site.
  • Camp sites are assigned in advance and require a camping form to be submitted.
  • If you make arrangements to camp on nights prior to 6/8/2018, please be sure to check in with the campground office to find out what site you will be on for the weekend. We try to handle this issue in order to avoid having to move a group or ask you to move to a different site. (Please note that camping prior to 6/8/2018 is not covered by the fees paid to JUNE JAM. Nights other than 6/8/2018 + 6/9/2018 are between you and the campground. If you camp on a site that you are not supposed to be on, you will be asked to relocate to the correct site. This has happened in the past.)
  • There are no check-ins on Saturday. The parking lot group will make you park in the general parking areas as no vehicles are allowed past the stage areas.
  • PLEASE MAKE A NOTE!!!!!!! The day of JUNE JAM (6/9/2018), due to the amount of people in attendance, the public bath houses in the campground and the swimming pool WILL BE CLOSED!! Port o-potties are provided during the show. After the show (around 11:00 pm) the bath house will reopen.

Everyone strives to making camping safe and fun for everyone involved!!!

Still have questions?

  • View our new FAQ Page
  • Or contact our Camping Committee Chairpersons.


A good read on camping etiquette.

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