Over the last few years, we have had several questions come up that are generally answered in the main camping page and then there are some that are not. So, we tried to create a list of possible questions and their answers below:

Camping FAQ

Are there discounts or rates for one-night only?

There are no discounts for camping. The only exception would be waiving the one-time-charge when purchasing camping online. (If you have camped with us before and paid that OTC, it doesn't apply.)
Camping fees are for Friday and Saturday nights. There are no discounts for staying one night. Everyone checks in on Friday and checks out before noon on Sunday. We do not handle camping check-ins on Saturday as access into the campground is limited to foot traffic for the safety of everyone attending the concerts.

Camping is closed. Now what?

Unfortunately, we have a finite number of sites we can use. When they are gone, they are gone.

You can put your name on the waiting list and hope someone decides to cancel.

If you have a friend camping, you might try to stay on their site. This works for some, but only 4 people are allowed on the site in either 2 tents or 1 RV/camper.
Something we tell people every year: Get the camping form/fees in early. Waiting until mid to late April is not good as we are usually pretty close to selling out of space

Can I bring....

  • Golf Cart/ATV/Scooter - No. The only carts permitted are used by JUNE JAM staff for JUNE JAM business. Those with handicap placards are permitted, but must check-it in with the camping committee.
  • Pets - Short answer is no. But, if you keep them at your campsite only and clean up after them, no one will worry about it.

How do I get a camp site?

When you purchase tickets through the mail or website, a camping form is included with your tickets when they are mailed to you. Return the form and related fees quickly.
Camping can not purchased at in-person locations. It is available through the mail or online only.

How do I guarantee a campsite?

When tickets open in February, buy your tickets and request a camping form. As soon as the camping form arrives, return it with the correct fees.

In past years, camping is usually closed/full by mid May.
May 2, 2013
May 8, 2014
May 28, 2015
For the 39th Annual June Jam, we had open camp sites on the day of the event.

How do I know I have a campsite? I sent my form in, but heard nothing

If you provided an email address on your camping form, you will automatically receive a confirmation email from the database we use to keep camping organized. If you did not, you won’t hear from us unless there is a problem

I asked to be in a group. What happened?

We try to accommodate every group request we can. Sometimes, we cannot keep everyone next to each other because of space availability in the campground.

Another issue that causes problems is when some members of a group request sewer hookups and others do not. Unfortunately, the areas in the campground where these two types of sites meet up are very limited.

I asked to camp next to someone. Will I be next to them?

If they got their camping form in on time, most likely. There are times when you might find the other members of your group next to you, behind you, or across the road from you. We try to accommodate groups as best as we can, but when you have groups where some of the members requested sewer sites and the rest has not, it can get a little crazy trying to keep everyone together.

I didn’t get a camping form in early enough. Now I have no site. What are my options?

You can try to get a site with Killen’s State Park, located a few miles from G&R. We have a waiting list that we use when we have last minute cancellations. Bear in mind, our waiting list is done in first-come, first-served order and there are no guarantees. With the waiting list, you have to be able to be at G&R before 11pm on Friday as there is no camping check-ins done on Saturday, the day of the Jam. Also, we don’t always know of cancellations until late in the evening sometimes.

I have a site and want to add someone. How do I do that?

Things happen and people change their plans. Just contact us (Camping Committee) and let us know what is going on. Please do this before camping check-in day! As long as there are no more than 4 people on your site, we can add/change your guests

I have my tickets, where’s my campsite?

A campsite is not included with your ticket purchase. You have to have tickets to camp, but you do not have a campsite just because you have tickets. Camping is additional. See the main camping page to read how to reserve a campsite.

I originally put on my form that I’m using a tent. Things have changed and I have a RV. What do I do?

Contact the camping committee right away. Not all of the sites at the campground can handle a RV/Camper. There is nothing worse than showing up to check-in to find your RV is not going to fit/work on the site you were assigned. If not handled in advance, the day gets crazy for everyone trying to shuffle the campground around to accommodate your changes.
In the past, we've had to make some one stay in the parking lot until we could get a space for them to handle the RV change.
Many times, there is no way to handle the change. The sooner you notify the camping committee, the better.

I provided an email address, but never received a confirmation email. Why?

Sometimes we have a difficult time reading hand writing. You can contact us to make sure your camping form was received. If it was, we can update the email address and resend the confirmation. (Bear in mind, we pick up received camping forms at staff meetings. Early in the year, these meetings are only once or twice a month.

I received a confirmation email and everything is right. What am I supposed to do now?

Honestly? Nothing. Just start planning your June Jam weekend. It’s that simple. You don’t need to print it out (unless you want to). You don’t need it with you at camping check-in. The email is just to confirm that you have a site and the guests you provided are listed correctly.

I received a confirmation email, but it's not 100% right. What do I do?

Data entry errors do occur. They are as simple as pressing the wrong keys at the wrong time. Sometimes, those errors aren’t keying errors but from hard to read camping forms. When something is incorrect, bring it to our attention so it can be corrected. Reply to the confirmation with the corrections and we’ll correct the database
Once the corrections are in, we’ll resend a new confirmation.

I want to attend June Jam, but not unless I know I have a campsite.

The only way to make sure you get a campsite is to purchase tickets when tickets are first available (usually in February) and request a camping form. As soon as the form arrives, fill it out and return it with the necessary fees. The longer you wait, the higher the possibility of not getting a campsite.
Another option is to purchase tickets online. As soon as your tickets are confirmed by our server, purchase camping. The online camping system watches the ticket system, so once your tickets are confirmed, you can purchase camping online.
Remember, camping is all done in advance. There are no tickets for sale on camping check-in da

I want to camp early/late. What do I do?

When you send in your camp form, indicate on the form that you want to come in early or leave late. The leave late part is not an issue.
If you arrive/camp earlier than Friday, we need to know. We assign the campsites for the weekend and notify the campground what site you will be placed on. When you arrive, you have to check in with the campground and pay the additional fees required for the days you want to camp. (JJ camp fees only include Friday and Saturday nights.)
On check-in Friday, it is your responsibility to go up to the check-in area and get your wrist bands. The wrist bands indicate to the security group that you are supposed to be in the camping areas. Without them, you will be told to leave.

We requested to be assigned sites next to each other, but we are not. Why?

This happens a lot. If you request a sewer site and your friend does not, there are not many sewer sites next to non-sewer sites. (The reverse holds true to where your friend has a sewer site and you do not.)
There are also issues that arise that are out of our control that may cause your sites to not be next to each other

What can I have on a site?

Per campground rules: 1 RV/camper/trailer or 2 tents.

What do I need for camping check-in?

Aside from your camping gear and supplies, you will need your tickets and valid ID. Yes, it is that simple.

What is the difference between paying for camping online versus the mail in form?

The end result is the same, you have a camp site reserved in your name.
The online system sells sites from a poll that is a fraction of the total number of camp sites available at that point in time. The pool gets adjusted as we get closer to running out of camp sites. When you purchase a campsite online, you reduce the risk of being unable to get a site: If the online shows sites available, you can get one. The online method uses Paypal. So, you can use whatever payment method Paypal permits.
The mail-in form method is dependent upon the reliability and efficiency of the post office system. We enter those forms into our database in the sequence we receive them from those in charge of checking the post office box. The mail-in form method only allows payment via checks or money orders.

What services are available?

All RV-sewer sites have sewer, water, and 30/50amp electrical connections.
Non-sewer sites have water and 30 amp service. (Some sites have 50 amp)
Primitive sites might have water and electric near by.
Ice and firewood are available at the campground main office.
The campground does have a small general store.

What site am I going to be on?

Campsite assignments are not given out until check-in day.
Why? We have to rearrange the campground assignments frequently to accommodate groups or sites that are not available to us. Because of issues in the past, we wait to give out site numbers until you arrive and check-in. This helps avoid a lot of confusion and tempers flaring.
If you receive a confirmation email, you are fine.
If you do not hear from the camping committee, you are fine.

When does camping close?

Camping closes when all of the available campsites are assigned.

Camping opens when tickets go on sale and generally closes by Memorial Day weekend.
In some years, camping closed the last few days of April and some it has closed the first few days of June.
This one of those things that we can not put a exact date on. It varies from year to year.
If you want to camp, do not procrastinate.

Where is my friend camping?

Please, do not ask us this question. We will not tell people where others are camping. If someone wants you to know, they can tell you. The Camping Committee treats all information as confidential and as such, it is not freely given out. This is done in the interest of those camping.

You will see your friend at some point over the weekend. Ask them when you see them.