Vending has closed.

At JUNE JAM, we have several vendors that come and setup their stands.

If you would like to get details on being a vendor at JUNE JAM, contact our Vending Committee through our feedback form.

Vendors FAQ

How do I become a vendor at June Jam?

Contact our Vending Committee to begin the process. We work hard to make sure there is only one vendor offering a particular type of product/service. For example, only one ice cream vendor.

How long should I plan for my day?

Vendors should be setup before 11am when the main gates open.
Some vendors begin leaving shortly after the sun has set when they don't have their own lighting. Others stay until after the headliners has finished.

When can I set up?

Depending upon your requirements, you can setup on Friday or first thing Saturday before the gates open for JUNE JAM.