40th Annual June Jam
Time and Stage to be announced soon.
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JUNE JAM's Played: 38th 37th 35th

Even though Shades of August has spent most of their collective years immersed in playing venues and bars, it’s their original music that truly defines them in the local music scene. Dover Delaware based rock outfit – consisting of singer/songwriter Brian Dawson, guitarist Derek White, bassist Claude Pritchett and drummer Daryl Hicks not only know where they’re going, they have a solid history of building a name for themselves. By melding hook-filled melodies within hard and heavy rhythms, Shades of August show their ability to compact a vast array of influences and experiences into a well-crafted sound. There is substance in their songwriting and their style and spirit captures the band’s essence, appearing both raw and emotion-filled. This is most evident in the tracks of their third CD, in production now. The songs have taken on a new direction, best described as a refined version of the first two. The songs are more conceptual and the musicianship is more cohesive. The tracks seem to soar and dive, creating a roller coaster journey that requires you to strap in and enjoy the ride!

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