39th Annual June Jam
Time and Stage to be announced soon.
JUNE JAM's Played: 38th 37th 36th 35th 34th 33rd 32nd 31st 29th 28th 27th 26th 25th

Our Junior Jammers have been thrilling audiences for years with their precision karaoke vocals and rippin air guitar performances reminiscent of seasoned musicians and this year they are back with a vengeance. Due to long cold winters, we constantly have new additions to our Junior Jammer line up so dont miss this show.

This group of junior performers almost didn’t appear on this year’s bill. Several of the Junior Leaders were holding out. So, we broke the budget to get them back and met their demands – more Mountain Dew and Skittles. Watch out for the amped up 3 to 15 year old Junior Jammer Staff Members!

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