39th Annual June Jam
Time and Stage to be announced soon.
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JUNE JAM's Played: 38th

kRUSH is a true 3 piece tribute, replicating not only the music but the look into how it’s done live. Frontman Ken Gildea does Geddy Lee proud by playing bass guitar, keyboards, foot pedals and triggers, all while singing over these intricate musical epics, and even throws a little guitar in with use of the double neck bass/ guitar. Andy Logue is Alex Lifeson incarnate reproducing his glorious tones and textures all while working pedals of his own. On percussion Bill Murphy is given the tall task of replicating Neil Peart. Armed with as many drums as he can fit on a riser he does just that!

kRUSH performs RUSH’s biggest hits like Tom Sawyer, Limelight, Freewill, and Spirit Of Radio but also throws out deeper tracks like Natural Science, La Villa Strangiato, Bytor and The Snowdog, Losing It, and wows crowds with their doublenecks on Xanadu. Crowds are never disappointed as kRUSH touches on all eras of RUSH’s impressive 40 year career.

Whether you are a casual fan or a diehard RUSH fan you will appreciate what goes into a kRUSH show and feel like you just saw RUSH themselves perform. Come see what makes kRUSH the best RUSH tribute band you will ever see.

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