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JUNE JAM's Played: 37th 36th

The Ashley Mitchell Band is a pop/cover band that has thrilled audiences from their first appearance on stage. Having played all across the Delmarva Peninsula, Maryland’s western shore, and Pennsylvania this high energy band has managed to make their presence known within the music community. Their style of playing can be compared to artists such as Beyoncé’, Usher and Rihanna.

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JUNE JAM's Played: 37th

Bad JuJu Is a blues band that originally fell together from a bunch of misfits playing at a Blues Jam hosted by David Bromberg in Wilmington. With influence’s such as Muddy Waters, The Three Kings (BB, Albert and Freddie), Bob Margolin, Eric Clapton, Chris Duarte, Albert Castiglia, Joe Bonamassa, have allowed us to shoot from the hip. George Dreisbach on lead guitar, Bob Martin on drums, John Smith adds storytelling vocals and some old-timey flare, or a Santana-like vibe that makes you jump out of your seat and Rock! Kenny Belmont Works in the engine room with Bob and helps lay down a foundation that glues this thing all together and keeps the train rolling!

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JUNE JAM's Played: 36th

Assembled by former members of the popular AC/DC tribute bands “Thunderstruck”, “Bon Voyage” and “Rocker”. This all-star cast is bringing the ultimate AC/DC tribute show to new heights with the most accurate recreation of the AC/DC music and stage show; second to none!

The “Dirty Deeds” concert experience is truly extreme; featuring “two” high energy shows complete with exciting stage props. The first show is a dedication to the Bon Scott era. Continue reading »

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JUNE JAM's Played: 36th 27th

Delaware’s premier classic rock band brings there powerful sound and stage show to the JUNE JAM stage once more. Comprised of the finest seasoned musicians Delaware has to offer Glass Onion kills it whenever they are in the house. Playing gigs all over the eastern shore, fronted by Dale teat this proves to be a highlight of the show.

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JUNE JAM's Played: 36th 32nd


Gretchen Emery is a dynamic vocalist and flutist who performs with passion and heart, consistently delivering energy and sincerity with each song. She has made cameo appearances with or opened for Hubert Sumlin, Lowrider Band, Savoy Brown, Johnny Neel, Michael Hill’s Blues Mob, Victor Wainwright, Sam Cockrell, Dana Fuchs, and Jonathan “Boogie” Long. Continue reading »

JUNE JAM's Played: 36th

The Hurricanes tore up the east coast throughout the late eighties and the early nineties. Dominated by the guitar and vocal work of Joey Fulkerson, they were a force to be reckoned with. A steady pounding by Billy Myers, baseman Ricky Tremble and Joe Martone on the keyboard shook buildings. But what stopped people in their tracks was the super strong harmonica howling from the one and only Charlie Bowley. Ladies; be careful, the Hurricanes have blown up many loose skirts in the past and they are on the prowl again!

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JUNE JAM's Played: 38th 26th

Back by popular request is the “Gold Standard” for Classic Country, New Country & Southern Rock. This 5 piece group has made a name with quality performance and a legion of dedicated fans. Serve it up strong – Southern Style!

Michael Allman BandJUNE JAM's Played: 37th

The band is Michael on vocals, Dennis Toerpe/keys, Ronnie Ray/Guitar, Tazz/bass, Kenny Hines/drums, Mark Shane/guitar. Touring the country for years, Michael is spreading the Allman family’s passion and blend of roots, rock and blues for music as his father Greg Allman has done for most of our lives. Michael performs his original songs from his album “Hard Labor Creek”, “If Dreams Were Money” and “Mule Named Whiskey” as well as covering songs from The Allman Brothers Band. Even though Michael looks and sounds very similar to his father, Gregg Allman, he has his own distinctive style of Blues and Rock and proves to close out JUNE JAM in grand style.

Results May VaryJUNE JAM's Played: 37th

Though you probably can’t tell from looking at them Results May Vary has a bevy of cover tunes up their sleeve and truth be told, there’s a good reason RMV adopted the Riddler’s iconic symbol (the question mark) to define their sound. RMV’s repertoire includes covers from 30 plus bands such as The Temptations, Bullet for My Valentine, Green Day and Drowning Pool and 60 plus cover tunes. Ripping up stages from VA to Philly, RMV will no doubt kill it at JUNE JAM. The band features Gary Kemp Sr, James Smith, Chris Jester, Gary Kemp Jr and Drew Pruszinski.

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JUNE JAM's Played: 38th

Robbie has been interested in music since his early days. Growing up listening to great artists such as Rascal Flatts, and Kenny Chesney, has encouraged and influenced him into doing what he loves to do today. It all started at his high school talent show where he performed an original to an audience that was more than welcoming. With the help of his friends and family he started learning and playing guitar around the place he calls home, Southern Maryland. A few months after he started playing acoustic gigs, he met a young guitarist who blew him away. Max Tucker is an extremely talented guitarist who has always had a passion for music. Max joined Robbie and shortly after that, they found 2 more amazing musicians to play music with. Cameron Gainer is the drummer in the band and Anthony Katsakis is the bassist. These guys are like a family and love playing music with each other. They work very hard and take this very seriously because they are pursuing music as a career. Robbie and the guys are very thankful for the people who support their music because they know that nothing is possible without the support!

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JUNE JAM's Played: 37th

He was born to sing. From the second he opens his mouth you know it. Born in southern Maryland, at the age of 5 his father and sister would spend afternoons around the piano singing and playing. “My Dad would play The Righteous Brothers, Marvin Gaye, Elvis and Otis Redding records. I just fell in love with the soul and passion in their voices”. By the age of 16 Sam was playing shows anywhere and everywhere he could; and in 10 years’ time Sam has single handedly built a core following playing 250 dates a year all over the US. His first 2 independent releases have sold over 30K copies and his most recent record charted in the top 20 on iTunes.

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JUNE JAM's Played: 38th

Pop music could use a little quirk. That’s where THE HEYDAZE come in. The New York quartet — Jesse Fink [vocals, guitar], Andrew Spelman [guitar], Alexander Glantz [bass], and Tyler Matte [drums] — twist up infectious melodies with indie panache, acoustic sizzle, and the right amount of wit. It’s a style that the boys began fashioning in 2013 when Jesse and Andrew had freshly emerged from the University of Pennsylvania.

Their track “Little Bandit” became a Soundcloud hit with over 256,000 plays and no traditional promotion. As it caught fire online, they began selling out venues in New York such as The Studio at Webster Hall and even earning ink everywhere from Huffington Post to Billboard and PopCrush. Tours with Jesse McCartney and TIMEFLIES would follow as they started to organically amass a burgeoning national following. Simultaneously, they began writing and recording what would become their 2015 self-titled debut EP. Splitting sessions between New York and Los Angeles and working with multiple producers, the approach captured both their frenetic energy and musical malleability.

“They’re four different songs, but you can tell they’re by the same band,” explains Alexander. “It was important for us to capture that diversity. We always want to keep everyone guessing.”

In the midst of recording, Tyler joined the fold on drums, adding effusive energy to the performances.

“He’s got more hair than any of us,” chuckles Andrew.

That power translates into the first single “Dumb.” With its tambourine beat, sunny guitar, and unshakable chorus, it showcases their knack for a cleverly catchy tune.

“Somebody started singing that melody, and we ran with it,” recalls Jesse. “It’s about those days where you just wake up, and things aren’t clicking. You feel dumb! We’ve all been there, but we wanted to make it fun. The music is a hybrid between the slick funky things we do and the acoustic elements. It defines the sound.”

Then, there’s “ABC,” which gives its own spin on the alphabet, counting off a kinetic acoustic and handclap rhythm between a lyrical love note. “That’s our most proper love song on the EP,” admits Jesse. “It’s the closest to my heart, and I’m really proud of it.”

Ultimately, it always comes back to one thing for THE HEYDAZE — the songs. “We just want to write music you can sing along to,” Jesse leaves off. “The songs are clever, but they’re not overthought. We hope everyone can share in that energy.”

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JUNE JAM's Played: 36th 35th 34th

NEW COUNTRY COMING BACK TO JUNE JAM. THE HUNG JURY IS BACK lighting up the stage at this years JUNE JAM with the vast experience of seasoned musicians backing up a young energetic male lead vocalist. At the 35th Annual JUNE JAM THE JURY was definitely in session and will tear up the JAM once again.

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JUNE JAM's Played: 36th

Bringing an up-tempo rocking blues to our stage the Bailouts recently received the ultimate recognition by being inducted into the International Blues Hall of fame. Front man Wayne dean, known for his electrifying stage presence is often similar to the man – Eric Clapton. Doug Drummond on bass and the legendary Bill Dube comes back to JUNE JAM for another show.