A special THANK YOU goes out to our very own Dennis Sipple!!

Dennis has been helping get our band history page brought up to current. He’s been photocopying the band-lineup pages from past year’s booklets!

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Want to know if your email address is associated to your membership record?

We now have a way that you can do just that!

At the bottom of the contact page, there is a link to the process. You can enter your email address and it will show the related membership records. Bear in mind, it does not display complete names or mailing addresses (for your protection.) It will show your initials, zipcode, and membership type.

Click here to check email

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We are trying to update our band listings on the website.

The problem is locating booklets from past years.

Do you have a booklet? Can you email us the band line up and the year? Or, you can take a picture of the band line up page.

Send us an email to webmaster @ junejam . com

Be sure you include your name!!!

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