Delaware’s Annual


Countdown to the gates opening at the 39th Annual JUNE JAM on 6/10/2017!

Our winners:

Tim S. wins a ticket for the 39th Annual JUNE JAM.
Charles K. wins the staff guest pass for the 39th Annual JUNE JAM.

These results are from the combination of week #1 and #2.

More tickets are still available. Jump in!!!!

The grand prize for the latest contest:



With the regular season football games starting tomorrow, we are happy to announce a prize structure change:

One-free ticket for the 39th Annual JUNE JAM will be awarded on the EVEN weeks. The score will be combination of the even week and the week prior.

Weeks 1+2 = 1 ticket
Weeks 3+4 = 1 ticket

Ticket Contest

More to come….

Wanna win some tickets to the 39th Annual JUNE JAM??

We are running a simple football pool. The best overall performance wins the tickets.

Contest Page

Or you can go to the TICKETS MENU, the Contests.

You can’t win unless you jump in and play!
Just pick the team you think will win each game.

As of this posting, there is only one person that is not staff playing along with 3 staff members.

What do you get when you combine Family, Friends and great music?
JUNE JAM of course!
"Delaware’s Best Outdoor Concert!".

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